Free APIs for your polling pleasure

Happy New Year folks!. Finally we are out with some of our cool Free API’s.

Every poll of yours will have the following new menu link showing up on the left hand side.

You will be shown a screen with all the freely available APIs which we have provided.  The help icon on the screen will take you to the API documentation of the individual apis.

In summary here is the list of API’s that we have rolled out.  For more detailed api documenation you can go here.

1. Vote API
Allows voting on a specific option on your poll .

2. Get Votes count API
This API lets you know the votes recieved for a particular poll and the individual votes for the poll options.

3. Get Poll Results URL API
This API will let you get the result URL for the poll. This is the URL to our famous results dashboard.

4. Get Poll Embed Code API
This API will let you get the embedded code for your poll. You can use this code script in your website or blog or wherever you want to display your poll.

5. Get Polls API
This API will return all the polls which are there in your account. You can then use the poll information wherever you wish.

6. Get All Votes API
This API will return you all the vote results for all your polls.


UPDATE: There is a good example of how a customer of ours uses the poll api on their home page to get customer feedback on which content (coloring pages) to publish here.

One comment on “Free APIs for your polling pleasure

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