Poll api in the works – really? why?

We are planning to roll out a couple of Micropoll apis within a month.  The key api which we want to roll out is the Vote api – which we think is going to be the coolest one.

Why APIs ?

Before I get into the why,  for those who don’t know let me quickly explain what an API is,  API stands for Application Programming Interface. Basically an API is a way for other people to write code to access your application or your website.

The funny thing is that when I explain this to people they tend to immediately ask me: “Why would I want that??”. Well, let us start with a small website that exploded in popularity almost overnight: Twitter.

The main thing – and to me, the most powerful – is that your customers may want to interact with you in ways that you’d never thought of.   It’s fairly unlikely that we have realized all possible ways that the customers want to use Micropoll’s powerful polling engine.

Stay tuned folks – we are releasing some free apis very soon..  Hopefully we don’t give you too much control that we shut it down:).

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